Audi A3 interior deep clean and freshen up!

Over in Mold for a slight emergency call out which resulted in us attending to remove a minor mishap from a 'poorly' passenger who suffered from travel sickness.

We arrived expecting something quite severe, however the work involved was not to the level initially thought, however it still received the same level.

We began by giving the entire vehicle a thorough hoover so we could work from the blank canvas so to speak. Upon all dirt and debris being removed we then got the detailing brush out, all purpose cleaner, leather cleaner and a fresh fragrance to finish off with.

Step 1. Spraying all areas with the all purpose cleaner and agitating with the soft bristle brush. During this process we could see the dirt lifting with the soapy formula whilst also adding a fresh and uplifting fragrance. This same process went for the steering wheel which was showing signs of wear and growing a slight shiny effect.

Step 2. The leather received a dedicated cleaner so to not draw out the natural oils or ruin the colour of the seating. From the image found on the passenger side seat the stain on the leather appeared quite deep. With the correct product and method this stain was lifted within a matter of moments.

Step 3. A full interior shampoo. This removed any staining and 'rotten' scents from the fabric, drew out any dirt and left the interior completely clean and bacteria free.

Step 4. A natural wipe down of all remaining plastics to provide a natural non freasy finish.

The interior now is completely clean, with no signs of any issues from previous vehicle journeys.

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