At Cole Howe Detailing, we pride ourselves on our honesty. Our clients have also commented on our useful advice when it comes to what you would like to achieve from your valet.

Whether you are looking for a pre-sale clean or you are not happy with a dealership valet, or simply just want the very best for your pride and joy, we will always help to recommend the best products and what would suit your vehicle the most.

We have tried and tested a number of products ranging from snow foam to the microfibres we use; you are always in good hands!

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The valeting and detailing bundles we offer below use tried and tested products which give the very best outcome. These bundles are based on a small to medium sized car, you can see in the 'Extras' that there is a surcharge for a 4X4 vehicle and commercial vehicles will depend on the size and what is required.

We can create a more tailor-made package to suit you as well, just send us a message and we will always be honest and helpful to decide together what is best for you and your vehicle.


The Wash & Dry Package

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The Protection Package

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The Decontamination Package

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The Full Sealant Package

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The GTechniq Package

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The GYEON Package

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- pet hair removal £25

- 4x4 surcharge £10

- interior fabric protectant £10

- interior fabric shampoo (via hand) £25

Commercial vehicles will be a price on application depending on the size and requirements

Ceramic Coating

Our ceramic coating bundle includes all of the GYEON products listed above, with the specialised GYEON Quartz Ceramic Coating with up to 1 year protection.

This bundle takes approximately 6 hours and will need to be left to cure on the vehicle for 24 hours.

Price from £175

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Ceramic Coating Benefits

  • fantastic water behaviour
  • insane gloss levels
  • self cleaning ability
  • significantly harder coating than a traditional wax
  • repels dirt & grime, leaving car cleaner for longer
  • we can be more competitive than main dealer offerings


With any machine polishing service there is the added security that most if not all minor paint defects will be rectified via this method as opposed to hand polishing.

The more defective the paintwork the better the outcome!

Dependant on what service you require and if a tailor-made package is built for you, we will require a small non-refundable deposit due to the amount of time it takes. This can be taken off the total price.



Bundle 1

For a single stage machine polish

(refine paintwork)

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Bundle 2

For a two stage machine polish

(minor cut and refine)

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Bundle 3

For a three stage machine polish

(heavy cut, minor and then refine)

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- interior fabric protection £10

- interior fabric shampoo (via hand) £25

- vehicle clay bar (the removal of any stubborn tar) £25



Whether you are looking for a wash and dry for your van, the removal of advertising vinyl and stickers or a more bespoke package, we have you covered!

We will require more information of exactly what you need and price is dependant on the size of your vehicle, however the valeting and detailing bundles above will be the same with an additional surcharge so you have a better understanding of the bundle you can choose.

Please see the different commercial vehicles we have worked on in our gallery, or alternatively drop us a message to discuss further!

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LED change & HID kits

We work with a very reputable supplier of LED bulbs and HID kits to enhance the lighting of your vehicle, improve visibility and bring your lighting up to date with a more modern feel as well as look.

Price is available upon a conversation together to see what you would like for your vehicle and dependant on time taken to fit the conversion.

Please see the LED upgrades and HID kits fitted in our gallery, or alternatively drop us a message to discuss further!