Audi A3 Paint Sealant bundle

This Audi A3 and returning customer requested our Paint Sealant bundle and another mobile slot this week and with the owner being at work we carried the detail out with no inconvenience caused at all.

We began by spraying a brake dust lifter on the wheels and leaving to dwell whilst we applied the snowfoam pre wash. Whilst the snowfoam was left to work we agitated the wheels with a stiff detailers brush and moved in all intricate areas whilst also paying attention to the tyres. Once complete, we then pressure rinsed the wheels and paintwork then moved on to the contact wash via our two bucket method and to finish, pat drying.

Once the wash and dry stage was completed it allowed us to move in to the sealant stage. With the vehicle being red in colour we worked closely with a product that will enhance the bright paintwork to a fantastic gloss finish. The sealant will bring the owner up to 6 months protection, fantastic water behaviour and a stunning finish.

Tyre and exterior trim received a coating of a gloss enhancing product that will not produce any sling across the paintwork.

The interior then received a thorough hoover with carpets and trim cleaned, leading on to the dash having a full wipe down including door shuts.

To finish, glass deep cleaned inside and out with a fresh fragrance applied throughout.

Simply beautiful

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