Audi A3 - Pre Sale Detail

Over in Neston on the Wirral for this Audi Q3 where the customer requested our services to return their vehicle back to the former glory it once was.

We began by working on the interior, thoroughly hoovering the cabin and boot, removing carpet trims and hoovering thoroughly. All interior trim then received a wipe with an all purpose cleaner and matte finishing product before having a fresh and fruity fragrance applied throughout.

The exterior then received a snowfoam, fallout remover applied to the wheels and left to dwell before being rinsed, washed, rinsed then dried. Our all in one polish and sealant was then applied and rinsed off once more before being finally pat dried.

Door shuts were then cleaned, glass cleaned inside and out, wheels wiped and tyres dressed.

All ready for its upcoming sale!

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