Audi A5 - Decontamination bundle

Over in Ellesmere Port detailing this Audi A5.

The owner requested our decontamination bundle with slight pet hair removal.

We opened the boot and were surprised to see embedded dog hair quite deeply in the carpet fibres, one for our trusty pet hair removing tool and stiff brush. We agitated the carpets to lift all hair, a thorough hoover and then fresh fragrance applied. Boot complete!! The interior of the cabin then received the same treatment even though pet hair wasn't as bad, thorough hoover and fresh fragrance applied throughout. Dash and plastic trims then received a wipe down with an all purpose cleaner leaving a matte finish and lemon scent after.

The exterior then received a thorough snowfoam, fallout remover applied to the wheels and agitated with a stiff brush then pressure washed off. We swiftly moved on to our two bucket method contact wash and pat dry routine. An all in one polish then applied to all bodywork that promises to enhance gloss levels and provide protection. We locked this in with a paint sealant to last up to 6 months whilst enhancing that stunning silver paint further.

Glass then had a wipe down inside and out, exterior chrome trim wiped down, tyres and plastics dressed and water spots removed.

Fantastic finish on a fantastic car!

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