Audi SQ5 Decontamination Bundle

Over in Wrexham for this absolutely beautiful Audi SQ5 and the customer has also opted in to our monthly package with loyalty reward scheme.

Upon arrival we had a lengthy discussion with the customer, getting to know their needs and requirements whilst delivering vital information of the work we would be carrying out.

To begin, a full fruity citrus pre-wash and non-acidic wheel cleaner was applied to the bodywork, left to dwell for 5 minutes whilst we set up our equipment. This was then pressure rinsed off, lifting the vast majority of the road grime and dirt. We moved on to the snowfoam with fallout remover applied to wheels, bodywork and arches that required deep cleaning at the same time. Once the foam had been left to dwell for 10 minutes it was then pressure rinsed off which allowed us to wash the vehicle using a two bucket method and plush microfibre wash mitt. After the wash stage we rinsed the vehicle, applied our all in one spray sealant to provide protection and gloss and towel dried all over.

The interior then received a thorough hoover, carpet mats removed and detailed with a fresh linen fragrance and installed to give a brand new feel. Interior trims were cleaned and dressed before wiping hidden areas and glass.

Door shuts were cleaned and waxed, tyres dressed with a sleek gloss finishing product and water spots removed.

A truly fantastic outcome and one that we will be honoured working on month by month, a joy for us to maintain.

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