BMW 4 Series - Repeat Customer Sealant bundle

Another returning customer booked in over the last couple of days in Ellesmere Port, this time requesting a custom bundle. We were required to top up the paint sealant we applied a few months ago and this time treat all leather and trim to a conditioning product.

We began by snowfoaming the exterior with a pH neutral snowfoam so to not anger the previous applied sealant. Once the foam was dwelling and lifting the dirt we moved to the wheels. Once these were agitated with a stiff brush the pre wash process was complete. Next stage was the two bucket contact wash using a shampoo that will bring back to life the previous sealant with slight si02 additives. Upon rinsing the vehicle we could see the previous sealant was working fantastically, providing great beading and water sheeting, making drying the vehicle that extra bit easier.

We then moved on to applying the top up sealant, this time offering up to 6 months protection for the owner, especially over the summer months. Tyres and trim to the exterior then was dressed and wiped down with exterior glass receiving a smear free wipe.

The interior then saw the diamond fitted mats removed, washed, dried and then sealed with our leather conditioner and left to air. The cabin received a thorough hoover with trims being agitated using a scrubber and all purpose cleaner. Finally a wipe down to lift all dirt and mud to leave a stunning matte finish and lemon fragrance. The leather seats than had a full condition, removing all dirt and providing nutrition and a longer life.

To finish, interior glass received a wipe down, final check overs exterior wise to remove water spots and another coating of tyre gel to enhance the gloss.

Fantastic finish once again!

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