BMW 6 Series - Ceramic Coating bundle

Over in Mollington late last week for this truly stunning BMW 6 Series situated at Crabwall Manor. We detailed this vehicle for the customer during his working day at no inconvenience at all.

Upon arrival we could see the vehicle had no protection on and needed some scratch removal work doing so we set up and got straight to it!

We began by starting on the interior. Hoovering the carpets and using our brush tool for the leather, working all round the vehicle and in to the boot. The trims were deep cleaned with an all purpose cleaner and agitated to remove stubborn dirt and leave a natural matte sheen. We then snowfoamed the vehicle and left to dwell whilst we worked on those fantastic diamond cut wheels, removing all fallout and brake dust, leaving a great gloss and dirt free finish. The snowfoam was then rinsed off, vehicle washed using our traditional two bucket method and microfibre wash mitt, rinsed and towel dried.

Once the vehicle had been cleaned we applied our all in one polish to mask any small scratches, eliminate stubborn scuffs and provide a great shine.

Locking in the fresh paintwork the customer opted for our Gyeon lite Ceramic Coating. This provides the customer with easy cleaning, maintenance and truly insane gloss levels. Not only that but the self cleaning capabilities will keep this vehicle looking tip top for months to come!

To finish, glass cleaned inside and out, door shuts cleaned and sealed, tyres dressed and water spots removed.

What a truly incredible turnaround for the customer!

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