BMW X5 custom bundle

This beautiful BMW X5 booked our services for a custom bundle for our Sealant Package mixed with pet hair removal.

Upon arrival we could see the boot appeared to have a dog inside it, so we set to work by stripping all pet hair! By using our new pet hair removal tool and another past one we made light work of the embedded pet hair, lifting as much as possible before hitting the boot with the hoover to lift all remaining hair. The rear seats were lowered so we could get intricate areas before raising back and hoovering the entire vehicle, carpets included.

Next, leather received a wipe down with interior plastics having a wipe using a matte finishing product. Glass then received a clean to the inside before doors being closed and the exterior work commencing.

A full snowfoam, wheel cleaner and fallout remover applied to the wheels, left to dwell for 5-10 minutes then rinsed off. A wash and dry using two bucket method followed and pat dried using a plush microfibre towel.

Our all in one polish and paint sealant was then applied through the foaming lance to ensure even application before being thoroughly rinsed and pat dried once more.

Glass then received a deep clean externally, door shuts cleaned, wheels detailed and tyres dressed!


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