Ford Deep Clean for Main Dealer

A local main dealer contacted us and asked if we could deep clean a vehicle on their behalf, we were more than happy to help.

Upon arrival we spoke with the customer who mentioned they'd only had the vehicle a week or two. Viewing the vehicle we could see stubborn staining on the carpet floor and also the seats.

We began by giving the vehicle a thorough hoover, underneath seats, inbetween trims and removing rubbish from storage compartments.

Moving swiftly on we gave the carpets and seats a full interior shampoo and extraction. We removed all stubborn stains and considerable amount of dirt from all fabric areas. Not only that the interior smells as it should, fruity and fresh!

Interior trims were then cleaned using an all purpose cleaner, wiped and then dressed with a finishing product leaving a stunning matte factory finish.

Glass then received a clean with door shuts having a clean and wipe down.

Finishing off, we gave the exterior a safe wash, rinse and dry with spray wax applied. Tyres, trims and glass work all cleaned and finished perfectly.

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