Ford Fiesta Pick Up & Drop Off £40 Sealant Bundle

We are offering another service which includes a collect and drop off service. If you are at work with no access to water or power then fear not, we can pick the vehicle up and drop it off for you - causing no inconvenience at all!

Once the vehicle was back at HQ, we began by snowfoaming the vehicle and leaving to dwell whilst we worked on the wheels.

By making a start on the wheels this allowed us to thoroughly clean the wheels whilst the snowfoam dwelled. We agitated the wheels with a stiff brush, removing all brake dust.particles and stubborn dirt then pressure rinse off the remainder of the lifted dirt.

The snowfoam was then rinsed off and the vehicle washed using our two bucket method and pat dried using a plush towel.

The exterior was then sealed with a product that provides up to 6 months protection, great water behaviour and fantastic gloss levels.

The interior then had a thorough hoover, paying attention to all hidden parts and under seats then carpets deep cleaned as well. All interior trim was then deep cleaned and dressed with a matte finishing product.

The vehicle was then safely delivered back to the customer and final wipe down complete ready for the customer handover.

A fantastic job and a pleasure to work on this repeat customers vehicle!

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