Ford Fusion Custom bundle

Over in Ellesmere Port over the weekend for this owners Ford Fusion which needed an exterior deep clean and interior clean at the same time.

We began with the interior which received a thorough hoover and all purpose cleaner with our detailing brushes, agitated with the solution and then wiped down to leave a fresh fragrance and matte finish. The seats received an all purpose clean, scrubbed and then wiped down.

The exterior then received a thorough snowfoam and left to dwell for 5-10 minutes. We then agitated with a stiff brush to lift all stubborn dirt along window rubbers which were extremely dirty.

We then pressure rinsed the whole vehicle, applied wheel cleaner and agitated then washed the vehicle using our two bucket method. We then rinsed once more, applied our spray sealant and rinsed the final time to leave a truly glossy finish and up to 6 months protection.

The vehicle was the dried off with a tyre shine applied, glass cleaned inside and out before final check overs. Before and after images speak for themselves here as well!

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