Ford Mondeo - £50 bundle

Over in Hawarden for this owners Mondeo. Upon arrival we could see there appeared to be ash embedded in to carpets and plastic trims so we set to work!

We removed carpets and thoroughly hoovered them, including all interior carpets, seats and accessible trims. Intricate areas were treated with an all purpose cleaner, left to lift stubborn dirt and then agitated with a detailing brush before being wiped away with a microfibre cloth. Once the whole interior had been detailed we then sprayed a matte interior shine product to finish the trims. Glass then received a wipe using a smear free product and an air freshener sprayed throughout, giving a fresh and fruity scent.

The exterior then received a snowfoam, fallout remover to the wheels and left to dwell for 5-10 minutes. This was then pressure rinsed off before being washed using our two bucket method. Once the vehicle received its wash we then sprayed the spray wax over using our foaming lance, pressure rinsed clean and pat dried to leave a stunning shine overall!

Tyres were then dressed, plastics dressed and windows cleaned.

What a finish!

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