Ford Puma ST-Line - Cement Decontamination Removal

Back to it today with a full decontamination on this stunning Ford Puma ST-Line. Finished in a gorgeous grey/black combo it has unfortunately fallen victim to some cement and concrete debris from some local residential driveway work.

The vehicle was brought to us so we could safely remove the contamination, without the use of any acid on paintwork but simply using the best process possible.

We began by applying a citrus pre-wash, leaving to dwell and rinsing off. This listed most of the dirt on the body. Next, a thorough snowfoam and left to dwell. We agitated intricate areas with a soft detailing brush, getting in to hard to reach areas as well as rubber trims. This then received a pressure wash allowing us to move on to the contact wash. By using a clay cloth we safely removed all contamination from the paintwork, bringing the stunning grey paint back to a glass like finish - smooth, slick and shiny.

The vehicle was then rinsed, all in one polish and spray sealant applied enhancing the gloss and providing protection for up to 4 months.

The interior then received a thorough hoover, fresh fragrance applied throughout and a signature finish to the mats.

Door shuts were then deep cleaned, tyres dressed and glass cleaned.

This vehicle is now safely back to its former glory and the customer is now onboard as a monthly returning client!!

Thank you very much!

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