GTechniq Duo - Mini & Citroen

GTechniq Duo bundle!

These two vehicles in the same household received the same bundle this last week with the Mini receiving something slightly extra, so we shall start with the Mini.

First off, the colour!! Wow!!

We began on the interior. A full hoover throughout including the boot and all carpets to lift dirt, dust and embedded particles. All trim received a wipe with an all purpose cleaner to lift stubborn dirt and then wiped using GTechniq Matte dash for a matte finish and pleasant scent.

The exterior then received a snowfoam prewash with the wheels having a fallout remover applied, both left to dwell for up to 10 minutes and then rinsed off. Two buckets were then prepped, one with GTechniq G-Wash and the other with plain water, vehicles washed and rinsed accordingly. Both vehicles then received a coating of sealant, in the form of GTechniq C2V3 for the bodywork and glass coating to the windscreens. Tyres were then dressed using GTechniq T2 to leave a matte and natural finish. Door shuts were then cleaned, glass cleaned inside and out and a fresh fragrance installed throughout.

The Mini received a machine polish to some accident damage on the rear bumper. This lifted some extremely stubborn black marking and corrected the paintwork, thus saving the customer a small fortune in paintwork at the dealership which does need rectifying on a few small areas.

All in all, a fantastic job on both!

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