Honda Civic estate - Decontamination bundle

Over in Penyffordd this week for the safe removal of cement from this owners Civic estate. Having already completed this vehicle once the second time working on this has been made slightly easier due to the sealant we applied a month ago.

We began by applying the snowfoam and left to dwell for up to 10 minutes whilst we worked on the wheels.

The wheels were cleaned using a microfibre noodle mitt, wheel brush and tyre cleaning agent to make sure all surfaces were clean before the next step.

The bodywork was then rinsed and washed using a clay cloth to remove the harmful cement particles. The vehicle received the same treatment all over the bodywork and glass.

Once the clay stage was complete we then went over the vehicle again with a microfibre wash mitt so no areas were missed from the decontamination stage.

The vehicle then received a thorough rinse before swiftly moving on to the paint sealant stage.

Sealant used promises to provide up to 6 months protection from sun UV rays, acidic rain and bird droppings. It also promises great water behaviour as well as insane gloss levels.

We then dressed the tyres in a matte finishing product that promises no sling on the paintwork. Windows were then wiped and cleaned using a smear free product and finally water spots removed.

Fantastic outcome for the owner!

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