Honda CR-V Full Valet and Interior Shampoo

Here we are in Ellesmere Port this morning giving a Honda CRV a new lease of life. The owner having two kids asked us to give the interior the full works and the outside a wash and dry.

So... we got to work.

• Full thorough hoover to lift dirt • Wet shampoo and dirt extraction to lift stubborn marks, stains and grime • Interior trim restoration with dressing • Glass deep cleaned and wiped • Door shuts cleaned and sealed • Exterior citrus prewashed and snowfoamed • Exterior washed and dried • Spray Wax applied to bodywork, adding protection and enhancing gloss • Exterior glass cleaned and wiped • Tyres and plastics dressed • Berry fragrance added internally • Water spots removed

This was a pleasure to do for the owner, at the convenience at their home whilst they worked in and out of meetings.

A fantastic job and added the customer to our loyalty programme!

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