Honda CRV import - Machine Polish stage one bundle

The owner of this truly stunning and imported Honda CRV requested our attendance in Ellesmere Port for one of our premium bundles. We viewed the vehicle a week before and offered advice to the customer for what we thought would be best work on this vehicle to suit a pre-sale detail. After the consultation and a package was agreed we arrived a week on to carry out the work.

We began by cleaning and wiping the interior down, hoovering mats and trim to remove all dust particles. The exterior then had a snowfoam to decontaminate the paintwork in prep for our machine polisher. After the snowfoam we then moved on to the contact wash via our two bucket method and pat dry routine. The exterior then had a stage one machine polish to refine the paintwork, remove stubborn black marks embedded in the paintwork and also give a truly incredible shine and provide protection. After the machine polishing stage was complete the vehicle was then washed once more, dried then sealed using a paint sealant which will bring up to 6 months protection. Exterior trim and tyres were then dressed, glass deep cleaned inside and out then any water spots removed. The customer requested we wipe down and dress the engine bay to freshen it up so we agitated certain areas with a stiff brush, applied a dressing in a matte style finish and cleaned metal work under the bonnet.

This very rare and beautiful Honda is now ready for the new owner to have many years of happy motoring!

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