Hyundai i30N Custom Machine Polish bundle

The owner of this simply stunning Hyundai i30N requested a mobile booking over in Blacon and it turned in to a custom and tailor made bundle.

The owner purchased the vehicle and wasn't happy with the valet he received from the selling dealer, covered in swirl marks, paint marring and general poor wash routines so we were more than happy to help!

We had a consultation with the customer providing advice and help where possible and proceeded with the booking.

The bundle consisted of the following:

  1. Full decontamination prior to work via snowfoam

  2. Wash and dry (something a main dealer said they wouldn't even do!!!)

  3. Stage One refine machine polish with minor cut in a couple of areas

  4. GTechniq C2V3 crystal sealant application applied over paintwork

  5. GTechniq T2 tyre and trim dressing

We began by decontaminating the paintwork from any fallout, stripping any protection on the vehicle already and snowfoaming the exterior. We could see some protection on the paint albeit not much. Once the snowfoam had worked its magic we then moved on to the contact wash and pat dry routine, using a very plush microfibre wash mitt and towel during the process.

A simple stage 1 refine is all it took to rectify the paintwork to new condition and what a fantastic finish. Not only that but with the stage 1 machine complete it has given the owner the confidence needed to drive a stunning vehicle.

After the machine polish stage was finished we then moved on to the sealant. The customer requested our GTechniq sealant as an upgrade so now all paintwork has been treated which brings up to 8 months protection.

Tyres and trim were also dressed in a slightly gloss enhancing product that won't bring any sling across the bodywork.

A fantastic outcome and a pleasure to work on such a lovely vehicle!

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