Hyundai ix35 £30 bundle

This Hyundai ix35 came in to us after being dropped off from the customer who requested our entry level bundle.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle and applying a fallout remover to all wheels then agitating with a stiff brush to lift all stubborn and embedded dirt.

Once the prewash stage was completed we moved on to then washing the vehicle via our two bucket contact method.

After the contact wash had been finished the vehicle was then pat dried with a microfibre drying towel.

All glass cleaned inside and out, trim dressed and tyres sealed.

The interior then had a thorough hoover and wipe down with an OEM matte finishing product.

Not something we normally carry out on the entry package however we couldn't leave the vehicle unfinished. We treated the leather to a leather condition to bring back to natural colourings and deep clean any stubborn marks as well, leaving this vehicle fresh for the customer to collect!

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