Insignia Limited Edition - £40 Sealant bundle

Over in Connah's Quay this time for a lovely Vauxhall Insignia Limited Edition who opted for our most popular bundle, the Paint Sealant bundle.

With a thorough hoover and wipe down of all dash trims and seats the interior was given a new lease of life. The hoovering stage removed all debris along with stubborn dirt whilst the wipe down using a matte finishing product gave the trims a sleek finish which will provide no grease but a natural finish.

The exterior then received a snowfoam pre-wash, left to dwell for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed. A wash via our two bucket method routine followed to lift any extra dirt before being rinsed again. Our fantastic spray wax via foaming lance was then applied over the paintwork which instantly adds up to 6 months protection, insane gloss levels and aids with the safe removal of any further tree sap or embedded tar.

We then moved swiftly on to drying the vehicle with our plush dual twist drying towel, drying the entire vehicle including glass.

Door shuts were then cleaned and quick detailed, glass cleaned and wiped inside and out with a smear free product, tyres and plastics then dressed with a slight gloss enhancing product.

A fantastic finish for a truly beautiful Vauxhall!

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