Jaguar EV - GTechniq bundle

Over in Buckley for this stunning and relatively new Jaguar Electric vehicle. The owner requested one of our top bundles to look after the fresh paintwork and keep it looking beautifully clean.

We began by working on the interior. We started by hoovering the interior, carpets and trims with dashboard included using our soft bristle attachment. Moving on afterwards to treating all interior plastic trim to a matte finishing product and fresh fragrance installation. Carpets were deep cleaned along with the rubber mats washed, blow-dried and dressed.

The exterior then received a snowfoam prewash, washed via our two bucket method and pat dried using a dual twist drying towel.

Following on from this the vehicle then received our all in one polish and spray wax sealant via our foaming lance, left to dwell for a couple of minutes and then pressure rinsed off.

After the final drying stage we then opted for the GTechniq C2V3 spray sealant that is high in si02 properties which offer great durability, protection and water behaviour. Tyres and trim were then dressed in GTechniq T2 followed by windows being sealant and deep cleaned.

To finish, windows were cleaned inside, door shuts deep cleaned and dressed followed by any final water spots removed!

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