Jaguar XF Estate - Machine Polish bundle

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Over in Penyffordd for a stunning example of the Jaguar XF estate finished in black. The vehicle is a commuter with previous motorway mileage and the new owner currently enjoys driving to and from work in a luxurious machine. It however had tired looking paintwork due to harmful contaminants in the form of Cement from a local factory somewhat polluting the air.

Upon arrival we could see the vehicle needed a fair bit of work on the bodywork to bring it back to its former glory and we were more than happy to crack on!

We set to work by applying a Citrus Pre-Wash and leaving to dwell whilst we worked the wheels. By applying a mix of fallout remover and also dedicated non-acidic wheel cleaner to lift the stubborn brake dust, agitated with wheel shampoo and noodle microfibre wash mitt and rinsed off to leave a truly stunning finish.

The pre-wash applied that had been dwelling safely for 10 minutes then received a mild pressure rinse before we moved on to our contact wash.

For this process we used a clay cloth, shampoo that doesn't provide a wax additive and pure water. This promises to leave a streak free finish and easier surface for the next stage.

Once the vehicle had been washed using the clay cloth and shampoo the body then received a rinse and pat dry using a plush microfibre drying towel.

This allowed us to move swiftly on to the machine polishing stage. An initial booking was made for a refine package which was followed through to the end. The paintwork received two passes of the machine working safely through the speed to refine the body from any swirl marks and stubborn scratches. These will not be completely removed due to a full correction possibly needed at a later date, however providing endless gloss and actual protection!

The bonnet needed further work. So, not included in the package we moved to a heavy cut compound and polish. This actually means the bonnet received a correction, removing oxidisation, swirls and scratches from the panel - providing gloss and further protection and bringing the panel back completely.

Once the whole vehicle had been machine polished we moved on to the sealant stage. Applied simply through our foaming lance this instantly added up to 6 months protection, water behaviour will be great and also even further gloss (if that's such a thing on this vehicle?!)

A towel pat dry, wiping wheels, glass and trims. Adding a matte finishing product to those 20" tyres, making sure no further water spots followed and a quick natter with the customer to enjoy their pride and joy is back how it should of been the day they picked it up off the forecourt!

Bobby Dazzler!

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