Land Rover - Decontamination Package & extras!

Over in Stannage for this stunning Land Rover which had not been cleaned in over 18 months and my word did this vehicle need some TLC. From severe tar, mud in places that it shouldn't be on cars and then growing plants in door trims and rubber seals!

We began on the interior. A full and thorough overhaul... A full hoover inside the vehicle, pet hair removal and mud staining to all plastic trims. Windows were then cleaned with a smear free product before a fresh fragrance installation inside the cabin.

The exterior then received a snowfoam pre-wash and left to dwell for 10 minutes - slightly longer than usual however with the severe dirt on the bodywork this was an essential step.

Wheels received a fallout remover before a dedicated wheel cleaner and fallout application again.

The vehicle then received a rinse before the contact wash via two bucket method. We clay decontaminated the vehicle to lift as much tar and embedded dirt before being rinsed off.

We moved swiftly on to applying the all in one polish and spray sealant via our foaming lance, immediately rinsing the vehicle and pat drying.

All arches were deep cleaned during the wash stage, door shuts deep cleaned, exterior trims wiped down and tyres dressed.

This 18 month old clean is now back to how it should be! Perfect.

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