Land Rover Discovery - Custom bundle

Over in Ellesmere Port yesterday for this stunning one year old Land Rover Discovery for a full inside and outside detail.

We began by giving the vehicle a snowfoam pre wash to lift all stubborn dirt and particles, left to dwell for 10 minutes whilst we agitated the wheels with a wheel foaming agent and stiff brush. The snowfoam then received a pressure rinse before moving on to the contact wash and pat dry method. Once dried, the vehicle received a wipe down with a quick detailing product to enhance the gloss and provide protection from the sun's UV rays and any tree sap/bird droppings etc. Beautiful.

The interior the received a thorough hoover with the boot included, mats removed and deep cleaned then interior trims restored using a non scratching scrubber, all purpose cleaner and a microfibre cloth bringing those worn trims back to life with a stunning matte finish. Fragrance... lemon zest. Tangy.

To finish, glass wiped down inside and out, door shuts cleaned and wiped with a gloss enhancing quick detailer and finally exterior trim and tyres dressed.

This Land Rover is now super slick with its looks and also a fantastic glossy finish to the paint.

Disclaimer... in some images it may seem the vehicle has changed colour. This is in fact just the sheer gloss brought to the cars paintwork

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