Lexus GS - GTechniq bundle

Over in Ellesmere Port yesterday for one of our top bundles, the GTechniq package and what a vehicle to work on.

The pearlescent white paintwork popped beautifully when we finished the detail and rightly so to go along with the stunning weather.

We began by hoovering the interior from boot to floor, removing all debris, rubbish and dirt. There appeared to be mud inside the boot so the carpet was agitated to move all fibres, dirt lifted and then hoovered once again. The cabin received the same treatment via hoover form and then a deep clean of all leather, conditioning and cleaning as we went along before finally wiping down the dash trim and glass.

The exterior then had a full snowfoam, citrus prewash applied to wheels and left to dwell completely. We agitated the wheels with a stiff brush before moving on to rinsing the vehicle. GTechniq G-Wash shampoo tipped in to our bucket, providing a lush smell, perfect suds and amazing cleaning power. The vehicle received a wash from roof to floor, covering all areas before being rinsed off once more. We dried the vehicle using the pat dry method with a plush microfibre dual twisted cloth which left a beautiful shine, but it had to be more!! So... an all in one polish followed by GTechniq crystal sealant to all exterior bodywork. Exterior glass received a coating of GTechniq G5, followed by a full buff after a cure time of 10 minutes. This will give the owner incredible water behaviour all over the vehicle once the weather changes to rain.

Tyres were dressed in GTechniq T2, followed by T1 for all rubber trim.

This Lexus now has the gloss to go with the style and what a beautiful machine this car is!

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