Mercedes A Class - £125 Machine Polish bundle

Here we are back in Tarvin for the machine polish bundle on this stunning Mercedes A Class. The customer opted for our stage one machine polish bundle with the added extra chosen of having the interior shampoo'd.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle, allowing to dwell whilst we sprayed a wheel foaming cleaner and agitating with a stiff brush to lift all brake dust, stubborn dirt and grime then jet-washing off before moving to the wash and pat dry stage. To do this we used a two bucket method, plus microfibre wash mitt and dual twist drying towel to eliminate any marring on the paintwork. Prepping the paintwork for the machine we wiped down all body panels with an IPA product which removes any previous polish and wax, leaving the panels perfect for the new polish to take effect.

We cracked open the machine polisher with a simple stage one refine polish. This adds fantastic gloss, removes minor swirl marks and adds slight protection to the body. Not only that but it will provide the owner with a simply stunning finish that is very easy on the eyes!

Once the machine polish stage was complete we moved on to the sealant stage. The sealant we applied adds a very wet look finish, super glossy and provides both fantastic water behaviour and also up to 6 months protection. Key for the summer months ahead!

The wheels were then wiped down and dressed with a gloss finishing product before moving on to other areas.

Glass received a deep clean inside and out with a smear free product with intricate areas having a wipe down thoroughly.

The interior then received an overhaul. To begin, an in depth hoover throughout the cabin, lifting mats out for the deep clean and the boot being hoovered too. We then scrubbed the trim inside with a scrubber and all purpose cleaner, paying attention to all dirt, agitating accordingly and then wiping down to reveal a true matte finish with an added lemon zesty fragrance. Perfect.

Finally, all dash received a wipe down with the same all purpose cleaner, air freshener applied and left to air.

Whilst on the interior we gave the fabric seats a shampoo. This is to lift stubborn dirt, stains and any mould that may or may not have formed. This vehicle had no mould so simply to lift all stains and marks. We applied the shampoo, agitated with a very stiff brush and wiped down then left to air dry before moving back to the exterior.

This vehicle received a final wipe down to remove any water spots and left to stand and admire the stunning finish of this detail.

Simply perfection.

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