Mercedes A Class £40 Sealant Bundle

Another pick up and drop off service provided yesterday, this time a Mercedes A Class. The customer requested our most popular bundle, the Paint Polish bundle.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle and applying a wheel deep cleaner and left both to dwell. Whilst the snowfoam was working we agitated the wheels with a stiff brush to loosen all dirt and brake dust. We also then focused in the tyres by rubbing a brush on the tyre, lifting all dirt then pressure washing off, rinsing the foam at the same time.

Following on, we washed the vehicle and pat dried to leave a glossy finish to the dull paintwork. After the wash and dry process we moved on to the sealant stage which will now bring the owner up to 6 months protection!

We then moved on to cleaning the glass inside and out, dressing the tyres and then finishing plastic trim.

The inside then had a thorough hoover, wipe down with a matte finishing product and fresh & fruity fragrance applied. The boot also received a hoover with trim cleaned and dressed.

The vehicle was then delivered back to the customer, wiped down and inspected ready for handover!

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