Mercedes A-Class - Cement Removal

Over in Penyffordd where we have been over the last few weeks rectifying vehicles paintwork from a Cement Fallout.

This Mercedes appeared extremely damaged due to the particles which were slowly beginning to harm the paintwork on this vehicle, so we got to work immediately.

Upon arrival we set up and began the process by applying a fallout remover to the wheels and certain areas of the paintwork, before going over the whole body with a thick snowfoam formula. This is pH neutral and will not harm the paintwork, however it promises to cling to the vehicle and gently pull off any dirt and contamination before our contact wash stage.

We then rinsed the vehicle and moved on to the contact stage. Using a shampoo and clay cloth process we clayed the vehicle to remove any contamination in the form of tar and cement to leave the bodywork smooth like glass - just how it should be.

Once the contact wash had been completed the vehicle then received a rinse which allowed us to then move on to the polishing stage.

By polishing the vehicle we removed slight defects in the paintwork, with minor scratches and swirl marks removed to leave a true gloss black finish. This was then locked in with our spray sealant via foaming lance to promise up to 6 months protection.

The vehicle then received a pat dry using our plush microfibre drying towel, tyres and trim dressed and glass cleaned thoroughly.

A fantastic finish for the owner who can now enjoy their pride and joy, cement free!

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