Mercedes AMG duo - £40 Sealant bundle

Another double whammy this time in Ellesmere Port for the Mercedes duo, both benefiting from our most popular package, the Sealant bundle. Both vehicles had the exact same work carried out.

To begin, both vehicles were hoovered inside and out, removing all dirt, debris and embedded mud particles from the inside, boot included. Plastic trim then received a wipe down followed by the glass cleaned inside. Door shuts were wiped down and leather treated with a conditioning product to aid in keeping the seats nice and fresh.

The exterior received a snowfoam and citrus pre wash combo followed by brushing certain areas to agitate stiff dirt and growing moss. Our two bucket contact wash and pat dry routine swiftly followed by finally finishing with drying the vehicle. The exterior then received a spray sealant through our lance, pressure rinsed off and allowed to dry via our plush microfibre cloth.

Tyres were then dressed, glass work complete and water spots removed.

Two Mercedes now ready for a gorgeous weekend ahead.

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