Mercedes C Class AMG - Ceramic Coating bundle

A truly stunning Mercedes AMG over in Chester booked in for our Ceramic Coating bundle and what a pleasure it was to complete the detail.

This vehicle was heavily contaminated with tree sap and general fallout.

We began by thoroughly hoovering the interior and wiping down the dash and trim, paying extra attention to intricate areas by using a brush to dust all particles away then finally wipe down with a standard finishing product before finally deep cleaning all glass, door shuts and interior pockets.

The exterior then received a fallout remover applied to wheels, left to dwell whilst we applied the snowfoam and agitated with a stiff brush in all areas. The snowfoam then was pressure rinsed off before leading us on to the contact wash using our two bucket method and pat dry routine.

Once the vehicle had been washed and dried we then applied an all in one polish to prep the panels in readiness for the Ceramic Coating.

The Ceramic Coating was then applied panel by panel, using a spray on and wipe off technique to leave a beautiful glossy finish plus giving the owner a fantastically durable finish and insane water behaviour.

Wheels were then finished, wiped down and tyres dressed with a glossy product to finish the wet look appeal.

Exterior glass received a Coating of sealant to give greater visibility and also prolonging the life of wiper blades due to not being needed as the rain repellent will work wonders come the wet weather.

Certain areas had over polish on because of previous polish applications, so we paid attention to these by using cotton buds around badges, inbetween panel gaps and buffing off with a plush microfibre cloth.

This is one we thoroughly enjoyed and had great pleasure in working on a truly beautiful machine!

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