Mercedes CLA Pre-Sale clean - £40 bundle

A late one this evening and one we were more than happy to work on. The Mercedes CLA. This specific model is due to return to the dealer in swap for a new one so the owner dropped it off to us so we could work our magic and transform it back to its former glory. Package requested... our most popular bundle - The Sealant Bundle. We began on the interior, with a thorough hoover of all carpets including the boot. Once the hoovering had been complete we then cleaned trims with an all purpose cleaner and scrubber which lifted all dirt, then applied a matte finishing product to finish the interior clean off. The exterior then received a fallout remover to the wheels, then full snowfoam to all exterior including the arches. Once the foam had been left to dwell it then received a rinse, full wash and rinse using the two bucket method before turning our attention to the wheels. These were washed and rinsed again. The exterior then had a wax sealant applied via our foaming lance then pressure rinsed off before being pat dried throughout. Finishing touches included cleaning the glass inside and out, dressing the tyres and cleaning door shuts. Fantastic job complete ready for its dealer return this week!

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