Mercedes E Class - £40 Protection bundle

The owner of the Rav 4 requested they have their second vehicle done in Buckley and opted for one of our popular bundles... the Paint Protection package.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle and applying a fallout remover to the wheels then agitated using a stiff brush, lifting all brake dust and particles. We then jet washed all snowfoam off as well as the wheels then moved on to the contact wash and pat dry. Once the vehicle had been washed we then applied a paint sealant to the bodywork promising up to 6 months protection. Exterior glass and interior glass then received a deep clean using a smear free product, finishing the interior off with a matte finishing product to enhance the look of the interior.

The interior then had a thorough deep clean and hoover with a fresh and fruity fragrance applied.

A top quality detail of course carried out for the repeat customer!

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