Mini Cooper S - £30 bundle

Over in Buckley for another mobile slot this week, this time the customer opting for our entry level package - the 'Maintenance bundle'.

The owner does very little mileage however the vehicle had not been cleaned since a year last October so we had a task on our hands! The vehicle had some stubborn marking from sky fallout as well as moss starting to grow in certain areas.

We began by thoroughly hoovering the interior carpets and leather seats - conditioning the leather with a feeder that will add nutrition to the seats and prevent cracking. Carpets were then cleaned and air freshened to add a fruity scent but not taking away the new car feel this lovely Mini currently has. After, door shuts were wiped down, cleaned along with interior glass deep cleaned with a smear free product adding fantastic visibility all round.

The exterior then received a prewash using our standard snowfoam and all purpose cleaner, lifting all road grime, salt and general dirt. Once the snowfoam had been left to dwell the vehicle then had a rinse and contact wash following finally with a pat dry and water spot removal.

To finish the vehicle, glass to the exterior was then deep cleaned, trims dressed and tyres dressed with a slightly gloss enhancing product.

This vehicle is now fully cleaned ready for the owner to enjoy once again!

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