Mitsubishi Barbarian - Gyeon Ceramic Coating bundle

Over in Chester for what is proving to be one of our most popular bundles... the Ceramic Coating bundle.

This Barbarian certainly was in need of some protection and bringing back to its former glory. We began by applying a concentrated traffic film remover, with a citrus cleaner and snowfoam mixture to lift all dirt, left to dwell then pressure cleaned. The arches had a thorough deep clean along with wheels receiving a fallout remover to lift brake dust, agitated with a stiff brush and then rinsed. The vehicle body then had a wash using our two bucket method, pat dry and then a full body polish to fill in some swirl marks, paint marring and to leave a stunning wet look finish. The glass then had a deep clean inside and out with the front window receiving a polish at the same time. Exterior trim then was dressed along with tyres in a gloss enhancing product and wheels wiped down once more.

Upon finishing intricate areas we then moved on to the Ceramic Coating. Applying panel by panel we sprayed the product directly on to a cloth, wiped in and buffed off using a second cloth which locked in all polish and sealant. This will now give the owner up to 12 months protection from harsh weather conditions, subject to usability of the vehicle.

The interior then had a thorough hoover, deep clean of rubber mats and washing to remove all embedded dirt. Once finished, mats were installed again, freshened up and a fresh fruity fragrance applied.

A massive job well done to leave the owner of this vehicle fully protected!

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