Mitsubishi Barbarian - Paint Sealant Bundle

Our second Barbarian just on the outskirts of Chester in a week, loving working on these and the transformation on this one is simply incredible.

We got to work straight away and snowfoamed the exterior, spraying a foaming agent over the wheels and agitating with a stiff brush in all crevices. Once this was complete the vehicle then had a full and thorough sense before our hand wash and pat dry routine. After the vehicle was washed and dried it then received a full paint sealant that will last up to 6 months, delivered shine, gloss and fantastic water behaviour.

The interior then had a thorough hoover, wipe down and matte dressing applied. The mats were washed and wiped down before being reinstalled. Interior glass then had a full wipe down, with exterior glass wiped, door shuts cleaned and sealed then body work wiped down finally removing any water spots.

The tyres and trim were dressed using a gloss enhancing product with minimal sling to finish this detail off.

What a great turnaround.

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