MK8 Golf GTI entry level bundle

This truly stunning MK8 VW Golf GTi owner and returning customer requested our entry level bundle to remove salt and dirt from their new pride and joy and what a machine.

We arrived and couldn't stop admiring the vehicle, so it was a pleasure to detail it for the owner.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle with a pH neutral product that won't alter any existing protection. The wheels were also sprayed with a fallout remover to lift any transfer wax from the dealer us brake dust and dirt which was then left to dwell and agitated with a stiff brush. We then pressure washed the snowfoam and wheel cleaner off and moved on to the contact wash.

We used a plush microfibre mitt, two buckets and a hydrophobic shampoo for this entry level bundle, improving protection on just a wash... fancy!! Once the vehicle was washed and rinsed we then pat dried the vehicle to eliminate paint marring or swirl marks.

Tyres were then dressed along with plastics whilst glass deep cleaned inside and out.

The interior then had a thorough hoover, wipe down of the dashboard and trim then a fresh fragrance applied throughout.

What a stunning vehicle and a credit to the owner!

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