Nissan Micra - GTechniq bundle

The owner of this Nissan Micra dropped it off to us over the weekend for our GTechniq bundle.

We began on the interior, with a thorough hoover of all carpets, seats and boot. The trim then received a deep clean and wipe down using GTechniq Matte dash.

The exterior then received a snowfoam using W4 citrus foam and a fallout remover for the wheels, left to dwell and rinsed. We then washed the vehicle using GTechniq G-Wash, a microfibre wash mitt and two bucket method. The vehicle was then rinsed, all in one polish and paint sealant applied and then pat dried completely. GTechniqs finest crystal sealant followed in the form of C2V3. This offers incredible water behaviour, gloss and protection for up to 8 months!! Amazing!

Finishing touches included cleaning the glass inside and out, door shuts wiped and tyres/trim dressed using T2. Front glass then received a glass sealant to aid with rain and water.

Truly perfection!

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