Our Summer Offer Returns... With added spice!

Our fantastic offer that we ran back in 2021 is returning! The brilliant £60 bundle is reduced to just £50 throughout the month of May.

This post is taken directly from our business page on Facebook and is surely going to be one you do not want to miss out on!

Summer Offer.

Now is the time to get your vehicle ready, just in time for Summer which is right around the corner! So we are launching two fantastic offers.

Offer 1) £60 BUNDLE REDUCED TO £50. This Offer you'll get the following: • Citrus prewash • Snowfoam, wash and rinse • Wheels cleaned • Fallout removal from bodywork via decontamination process • Interior hoover, clean, trim dress & glass work • Tyres and trims dressed • Bodywork polished & sealed with all in one process.


This bundle you'll receive the above, as well as a single stage refine machine polish and then sealed safely in with a 1 year Ceramic Coating applied to the exterior. FANTASTIC offer.

If you'd wish to show your interest and book in for either bundle then please drop us a message to book in. The price for the Machine Polishing & Ceramic Coat bundle is based on a large saloon (Vauxhall Insignia, BMW 5 Series etc) sized vehicle. Estates and 4x4s will be slightly more due to extra product used.

So, be sure to drop us a message, book in and enjoy the final outcome of a freshly coated vehicle, all at your own convenience too!



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