Porsche 911 Targa - £60 Paint Polish & Sealant bundle

Porsche 911 Targa. Simply beautiful. A machine that sometimes goes unnoticed. A vehicle that puts you in your seat as soon as you hit that fast pedal.

Insane. Left in our capable hands we were honoured to detail this fine machine.

We began by snowfoaming the exterior, agitating certain areas with a stiff brush to lift all tree sap, moss and stubborn dirt leaving the bubbles a beautiful brown colour so we know our routine worked! Wheels were agitated with another slightly softer brush with wheel barrels deep cleaned at the same time. Unfortunately, the wheels do need a refurb later on in life however all dirt was consequently lifted. Snowfoam and wheel soap then was jet washed off before the vehicle then had a wash and dry method via our two bucket routine. This stunning Porsche then was wiped down with a plush microfibre towel before we moved on to applying the all in one polish and paint sealant - promising up to 6 months protection for the owner upon collection. Tyres and trim were dressed in a slightly gloss enhancing product which provides no sling and exterior glass sealant and wiped down with a smear free product and cloth. We then moved on to the interior which needed some work due to being left in a car port with a window down. Moss, mould and dirt all over. All leather trim received a deep clean, agitated with a scrubber then brought back using a leather feeder. Carpets hoovered and agitated with a stiff brush then hoovered again. Plastic trim scrubbed and wiped down with a matte finishing product. Door shut wiped down and gloss polished. Interior glass wiped with a smear free product. Exhaust tips scrubbed and polished.

This vehicle received the works and what a true pleasure it was to work on such a stunning machine and bring it back to life.

Watch this space for something else extra special coming very soon!!!

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