Renault Clio - £40 Sealant bundle

Over in Mold yesterday for this owners Renault Clio.

This had been sat for over 12 months so needed some tender love and care.

The exterior received a snowfoam pre-wash and left to dwell whilst we sorted the buckets out. The remaining snowfoam then received a rinse, followed by a wash and rinse. Next, our spray wax sealant was applied via our foaming lance and pressure rinsed off, instantly adding protection. Pat dry routine then followed.

The interior then received a thorough hoover and wipe down to remove spiders homes (urgh, I hate spiders!!) Before a fresh fragrance applied throughout.

Door shuts were then deep cleaned, glass cleaned inside and out, then tyres dressed.

Handed back over to the owner they were shocked by the transformation!

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