Seat Cupra Duo - Ceramic Coating Special!

Two beautiful Seat Cupra models in over in Chester for our Ceramic Coating packages, with the Leon benefitting from having the wheels ceramic coated as well using a new product from a well known car detailing company, Auto Finesse.

The customer requested we source a touch in pen for the vehicle and touch in a few key areas and leave the pen with the customer.

To begin and with two of us on the job it made for a fantastic team on this one. The interior of both vehicles received a thorough hoover and deep clean with boot included. Floor mats were removed and hoovered then brushed up and down to leave a stripe style finish. All interior then received a wipe down with a citrus cleansing product to leave a matte finish, air freshener installed and all fabric treated with a protective product to help prevent any stains.

The exterior of both vehicles received a snowfoam and citrus wash combo to lift any stubborn dirt and growing moss to leave a blank canvas to work with. Wheels on both were agitated with a stiff brush and pressure rinsed off. The contact wash and dry process then achieved a great finish in prep for the Ceramic Coating all round.

The Leon received the Coating application first and once the vehicle was complete the levels of gloss were truly insane! Afterwards we moved on to Ceramic Coating the wheels. For this we used Auto Finesse Caramics wheel sealant. A great bit of kit. We prepped the wheels and then coated them and this will bring the owner up to 12 months protection if not more!

The Ibiza then received the Ceramic Coating to the bodywork and we then moved on to Coating the windscreens of both vehicles. This will aid the drivers when it comes to wet weather and greatly improve visibility.

Tyres and trim were then dressed, finishing off both of these vehicles beautifully!

An extremely busy day however a fantastic finish for these gorgeous machines.

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