Seat Leon Cupra Paint Sealant Bundle

This Seat Leon Cupra requested our most popular bundle, the Paint Sealant bundle.

We began by snowfoaming the vehicle to allow the prewash process to start and then spray a brake dust lifter on the wheels to remove any iron deposits and stubborn built on dirt which was then agitated with a stiff brush.

The snowfoam was then blasted off and the contact wash followed with the two bucket method and pat dry process.

Once the vehicle had been washed the exterior then received a paint sealant which will bring the owner up to 6 months protection, subject to driving distance etc.

The glass was then cleaned inside and out, tyres dressed and plastics sealed.

The interior then had a complete and thorough hoover with boot complete, dashboard wiped down and a fresh fragrance sprayed throughout.

Door shuts were then cleaned and sealed, carpets hoovered then reinstalled into the vehicle.

What a fantastic turnaround on this truly stunning vehicle!

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