Seat Leon - Entry Level bundle

Our entry level bundle of just £30 was our first start to the day yesterday in Buckley with this Seat Leon. This is due to go back to a leasing company so the customer wanted it freshening up ready for its return.

We began by hoovering the inside, removing mats to clean and hoover the reinstall, before moving on to interior trims. We agitated the interior trim with a stiff scrubber to lift all mud and stains on plastic and then dressed with a matte finishing product. Once this stage was complete the glass received a wipe down inside and door shuts wiped down.

The exterior received a citrus prewash, washed and then dried to leave a great shine on our entry level package. Exterior glass then received a final wipe down, tyres and trim dressed once the wheels had been washed and wiped down.

Entry bundle complete

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