Seat Leon estate GTechniq bundle

This Seat Leon estate requested one of our mobile slots over in Wallasey yesterday with one of our premium bundles. We began by cleaning the inside, giving it a thorough hoover and deep clean, paying attention to all crevices, under seats, boot and trims. The interior then received a wipe down with a premium product that provides a matte finish and slightly fragrance scent. Interior glass then received a wipe down with a smear free product and a fresh fragrance applied throughout.

The exterior then received full snowfoam and degrease, wheels deep cleaned with a fallout remover and left to dwell, agitating all areas with a stiff brush. We then moved on to the contact wash via our two bucket method and pat dry.

Finally, paint sealant applied with an 8 month durable product, glass sealed and tyres/exterior plastics all dressed.

Products used were the following:

GTechniq W4 snowfoam

GTechniq C2V3 for exterior sealant offering up to 8 months protection

GTechniq T2 for the tyres and trim

GTechniq G5 glass coating providing greater visibility and beading during wet weather

The use of these products costs the same as the bundle itself, making the bundle extremely fantastic value for money!

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