Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo - £50 bundle

Carrying on the busy week this week, in Drury looking after this limited edition pocket rocket... Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. This vehicle was in relatively clean condition and it was a pleasure to look after this vehicle for the owner.

We began by deep cleaning the interior, hoovering all areas including boot. Once the hoovering was complete certain areas needed agitating with a scrubber to lift all stubborn dirt and provide a matte look finish to all interior trims. The interior dash then had a full wipe down, polish and matte dressing with a fresh fruity fragrance applied throughout.

The exterior then had a full snowfoam, degrease and full wash using our two bucket method. The vehicle then had a full pay dry before moving on to the all in one polish, finished off with a paint sealant providing indepth shine, gloss and most of all... protection!

Tyres and trim were dressed, water spots removed and glass deep cleaned inside and out.

This vehicle went from silver to unbelievably silver in the space of a short time and a pleasure to work on this vehicle!

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