Skoda Kodiaq Custom bundle

Over in Hope, Wrexham for this Skoda Kodiaq detail. We had a consultation with the owner a week ago and built a custom package for the customer, highlighting certain areas the customer wanted attention in.

  1. Deep clean bodywork with body polish and sealant'

  2. Remove 'rainbow' effect on wheels from recent ceramic coating

  3. Deep clean interior ready for another week of work

  4. Matte finish to exterior trim

We provided our honest advice to the customer, who was surprised when we said the price and wanted to pay more because of the in-depth work we carried out. However, with us being so honest and having customer happiness as our number one priority we built the package for the customer and kept to the same price.

To being upon arrival, we snowfoamed the vehicle in prep for the rest of the detail. We used a pH neutral snowfoam that lifted all dirt in readiness for the contact wash. The contact wash began by using our microfibre washmitt, pH neutral shampoo that provides slight protection and of course, the two bucket method. The exterior the received a pat dry wipe down with a dual twist microfibre towel.

We then moved on to applying an all in one polish that promises to fill minor swirl marks, provide protection and also insane gloss levels.

Once the polish had been complete we then moved on to the paint sealant that will promise to deliver up to 6 months protection. This also will allow the owner to have a fantastic finish to that super slick paintwork.

The wheels then received a contactless wash and dry due to a recent complete wheel refurbishment. Now, completed at a main dealer who had also completed the ceramic coating we found upon inspection that the 'rainbow' effect was in actual fact the ceramic coating that had not been removed correctly.

To carry on the detail, we removed the rainbow effect by polishing the wheels with a plush microfibre cloth and finished with a quick detailer. Products used will not alter the ceramic coating in any way.

Glass then received a deep clean inside and out and then door shuts deep cleaned with an all purpose cleaner then wiped down secondly with a quick detailer, high in gloss levels.

The interior then received a complete and thorough hoover, removal of the rubber mats and dog hair removed using our specific pet hair removal tool. Trim then received a scrub with a scratch free scrubber, all purpose cleaner and finally wiped down with a matte finishing product. Interior grilles were then brushed with a stiff brush, intricate areas agitated with a stiff brush and then finally wiped down to leave an OEM finish. No dressing used.

The mats on the interior then had a deep clean using standard shampoo, wash mitt and then blow dried to leave a standard finish. Again, no dressing product used to ruin the standard rubber oils which would prove slippy when the customer enters the vehicle and changes gear etc.

We continued the detail and finished off by dressing the tyres in a slightly glossy dressing that provides no sling, dressed the plastics in the customers chosen matte finishing product and removed any final water spots.

The customer came to us and asked our advice on some maintenance washes, so we helped with offering our advice with snowfoam purchases, a snowfoam lance and correct attachment for their pressure washer.

We may detail vehicles, but it is our number one priority making sure the customer is left happy with the correct advice without having to charge for a simple conversation.

We thoroughly enjoyed this detail , certainly one we will go away from extremely happy!! A true pleasure.

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