Tesla £40 Protection bundle

This time we are in Chester offering our mobile appointment services along with the popular bundle - the Paint Sealant package.

We began by thoroughly hoovering the interior floor and carpets which then allowed us to deep clean the interior trim and leather. We sprayed a degrease product on the trim and agitated with a scrubber then finished with a matte style product. The leather was then cleaned and conditioned to feed it and prevent any further weathering cracks. We then snowfoamed the exterior and agitated the wheels with a stiff brush, blasting the remainder off with the pressure washer. Once this had been complete we then moved on to the contact wash and pat dry method. Upon finishing the pat dry we moved swiftly on to sealing the vehicle. After the vehicle had been fully sealed it was time for the glass. Inside and out was deep cleaned, door shuts wiped and tyres/plastics dressed.

Truly one stunning vehicle and now looks the part after its deep detail!

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