Tesla Model 3 - Winter Protection bundle

Over in Mold for this truly stunning Tesla which required some protection adding and an overall deep clean, so we were more than happy to get to work.

We began by working on the interior, removing carpets and hoovering throughout. The leather inside these vehicles is that which needs great care and by using the wrong product could incur damage. We used a product that not only cleans but doesn't change the colour of the traditional leather. It also provides a finish that is not altered but provides protection from cracks or any colour transfer.

Dash and plastic trims were wiped, along with pedals cleaned but not dressed due to owner request and to minimise slipping.

The tailor fitted carpets were then hoovered, a fresh fragrance appplied and then finished with our signature stripe detail.

The exterior then received a snowfoam and left to dwell for a number of minutes whilst we worked the wheels. The wheels were sprayed with a fallout remover, agitated with a detailing brush, rinsed and washed with a noodle wash mitt and dedicated wheel cleaner.

Our snowfoam pre-wash was then rinsed which lead us on to the contact wash. By using a clay cloth to wash the vehicle this sped up the decontamination process massively and made sure intricate areas were also treated the right way.

Rinsing the vehicle to a blank canvas, we then applied our all in one polish and paint sealant to all areas, including glass so the vehicle had instant protection, insane gloss and water behaviour all at the same time.

We then dried the vehicle using blower to prevent water drops from hidden areas, a highly plush microfibre drying towel for main body panels and then microfibre cloths for other areas such as door shuts and the wheels.

Tyres were then dressed with a gloss enhancing product. Glass cleaned inside and out with final inspection of water spots.

What a fantastic outcome that is now protected from the upcoming harsh weather!

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