Tesla Performance Model - Maintenance Package

We at Cole Howe Detailing are offering weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages to take care of returning customers and their pride & joys. We are extremely lucky to be able to say we maintain this stunning Tesla, featuring the Performance Package and what a combo it is. Finished in gloss black, red brakes, carbon goodies here and there with the added benefit of anthracite wheels.

All of this currently brown. This needed changing.

The owner has us booked in every two weeks so we will be seeing and working on this vehicle much more, which we can't wait for.

Our proicess is as follows:

  • Citrus pre-wash applied, left to dwell for 5-7 minutes... no longer due to sunlight.

  • Rinsed.

  • Snowfoam which is pH neutral applied and left to dwell for 10 minutes... no longer.

  • Rinsed.

  • Vehicle washed and dried with a standard shampoo. No wax additive.

  • Vehicle dried and spray waxed, adding up to 8 weeks protection.

  • Interior hoovered along with boot.

  • Interior trims cleaned and dressed.

  • Glass cleaned both inside and out.

  • Tyres dressed with a matte finishing product.

  • Air freshener applied.

This vehicle is now showing the true gloss black finish it deserves, safely removing the salt from the roads and applying correction in the correct manner. Simply perfect!

Watch out for more on this.

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